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Регистрация Вход. But should the production and sale of genetically-modified food be banned? Регистрация Забыли пароль? В общем, я могу добавить, что только родители и их дети могут решить, сколько свободы должны иметь дети. Однако, я все-таки считаю, что …. С этим сталкиваются многие подростки в той или иной мере.

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Лента комментариев. Кто онлайн? Пользователей: 0. Шаблон от instantlab. Some people think that cars should be banned from the centers of big cities. Mobile phones have become very popular nowadays.

What does it mean? Регистрация Забыли пароль? When cinema was invented some people predicted that theatre would not last very long but it still exists, attracts large audiences and is not likely to disappear. Some people prefer to go on Some exotic diets. Both children and grown-ups like to watch different animals: mammals, reptiles and others.

However, most people say that their use should be restricted. Most children enjoy computer games but their parents are against them. What can you say about playing computer games? According to a number of surveys young people spend a lot of their free time on the Internet, which has a negative effect on their mind.

Freedom of press is one of the most valued achievements of democracy, but many people suffer from journalistic mistakes.

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In European countries children after they are 18 are supposed to live on their own. What can you say about living with your parents? Синицина Виктория.

Многие подростки сталкиваются с тем, что родители запрещают им выходить из дому и просто заваливают домашней работой, тем самым лишая личного времени и жизни. Регистрация Вход.

Номинация Люди и общество. Parenting is very hard work. And particularly adolescence is very difficult for children and their parents. The first variant has some advantages.

Parents force their children to learn and to succeed, but such attitude can destroy relationships between children and parents. Also teenagers become angry and sometimes they hate all the world around them and themselves too.

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It is very bad too. Because of this attitude, children can use drugs, alcohol and smoking, they can gamble. In my opinion, all these things are very wrong. In this essay I am going to express myself on this issue. The question is when it is better to make a career choice.

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Some people believe that career decisions should be made at an early age, while others are sure that one should take some time and think it out. It is gradually forcing out the traditional cuisine, and many people are sure that fast food will dominate in the future. Personal computers, computer nets, laptops, smartphones are great inventions used by people every day. The question is whether these gadgets make mankind smarter.

Nowadays, young people have a variety of educational systems.

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Online classes are becoming more and more popular. Basically, these exams are supposed to test your knowledge and skills. Also, they may motivate you to study harder. Many people live свобода эссе по английскому языку the press of economic, social and other problems.

These people find different ways to get rid of stress, and one of them is sport. These languages are spoken and understood by the majority of people. Nowadays, English enjoys the most popularity, yet Chinese seems to have better perspectives. It is not top-secret that this kind of food is far from being healthy.

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It causes serious diseases like obesity, cancer, diabetes, and, for that matter, many people want fast food outlets to be closed everywhere. Our parents and teachers always make us tell the truth and disapprove of a lie. Yet many of us consider honesty not to be the best policy. But it is often stated that family has to be on top of all things. Some people consume all this content no matter where it comes from, others ignore foreign humour because they find it difficult to understand.

Some people see the direct connection between money and happiness, others consider them эссе be two different things. But is being on a diet the best strategy to grow thin? The question is whether it is a positive tendency or not. Clothes protect us from cold and hot weather, from rain and snow and свобода эссе по английскому языку other английскому effects of the environment.

Thus языку teachers are in great demand everywhere. Many people, who are fluent in languages but are свобода educational specialists, are tempted to tackle the teaching. Their functions, levels of responsibility and rewards are different.

While leaders usually have high standards of living, ordinary people do with limited amenities of life.

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Most of them are compulsory, that is why boys and girls often make a stand against them and say they want to choose subjects on their own. The thing is that some people believe that distant learning is better, and other people stick to the point that going to school is the only way to get good education. They believe that extreme sports свобода эссе по английскому языку to build character.

Some of them are recognized as good and worth reading without fail. But the question is how people manage to grade books and select good ones. On the Internet, there are a lot of photos and video presentations of different countries and cities so that you do not need to go and see them with your own eyes.

Доклад про католический question is whether they are changing for the better or the worse. What option is the best? But modern technologies allow you to get a book you need without going to libraries.

The question is what the person needs more — discipline or talent. Most of them are convinced that success means much money.

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Both children and grown-ups like to watch different animals: mammals, reptiles and others. Пользователь удален Оракул 3 года назад У тебя нет прав до окончания школы.

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